Tenby , like many holiday resorts , struggles to cope with the large amount of cars that arrive in the summer. Here we will try to explain the restrictions in place in the streets around the hotel . A few years ago the local authority brought in a residents parking scheme which allows each house holder to purchase one parking permit with the cars registration number on it. Sadly there is no provision for hotels to purchase more permits for the guest's use. The bays are marked with dotted white lines and a post on the pavement showing the restriction.


Now the good news , only half of the street is allowed to be taken by the bays the other half is available for anyone to park.  Last year the local authority took over the policing of the bays and far more tickets have been issued , even in the evenings.



If you fail to find free street parking the Rectory car park is only 40 yds from us. The pay and display machine accepts coins ( no notes ) or card payments can be made by phone 

on 0330 400 7275  or on line . The car park reference number is 88549


                             winter 16/17                                         Summer  17  ( Provisional )

                        1 Oct  -   31 March                                       1 April   -   30 September


                         24hrs          £ 5.00                                          24hrs         £ 7.00

                         48hrs          £ 9.00                                          48hrs         £ 13.00

                         72hrs          £ 13.00                                        72hrs         £ 19.00

                      weekly          £ 28.00                                     weekly         £ 40.00